Trish Dyck, Team Coach

Trish brings over twenty five years of experience developing and facilitating training on leadership, personal development and team building to her practice as Team Coach at Royal Roads University. Her coaching is grounded in mindfulness, reflective practice, compassion, empathy, and a desire to help others grow.  She brings humor and grounded educational theory into the classroom creating a rich learning environment.

Trish achieved her Provincial Instructors Diploma (PIDP) through Vancouver Community College in 2012 and Masters of Arts in Organizational Leadership at Royal Roads in 2014 and joined Royal Roads as a Team Coach in 2015. She has recently been the Acting Manager in Student Team Performance - Team Coaching.  Her years of experience in business development, combined with her travel stories, and love of the outdoors brings life into the classroom.

She understands that IQ or technical skills are important attributes; however, they are only part of the picture. Her focus is on supporting individuals to enhance their EQ, or Emotional Intelligence.