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Royal Roads Team Coach Support

The purpose of Team Coaching is to support, guide and enhance the team learning experience

Video: Why everyone needs a coach

Teams benefit from an outside perspective  Students at Royal Roads have a unique opportunity to work with a Team Coach. Your Team Coach is your ally for success, offering valuable process tools, strategies, resources, perspectives and insights that can help your team to be most effective.  You can consult with your Team Coach individually or as a team.  You can invite your Team Coach to sit in on a team meeting, facilitate a team discussion, or help you to overcome a team challenge. 

Teams will face challenges  Challenges within teams require team members to apply team skills and use communication tools. It is expected that teams will make every reasonable effort to negotiate together to overcome obstacles. However, if there are factors leading to ongoing inefficiency in teamwork, you are encouraged to seek support from a Team Coach Often a Team Coach can help a team get back on track simply by faciltating a team meeting to help you define a clear plan of action.

Royal Roads has a process for Working Through Team Challenges. The first step is to contact your Team Coach. We are here to help!

Not sure who to contact? Send us an email:  teamcoaching@royalroads.ca

Additional support services for teams:

 If your team encounters issues related to writing and/or comprehension:

Health issues, especially ongoing health issues, can create stress and uncertainty for teams. Even when a team demonstrates patience and compassion for a team member's health issue, and that team member is doing their best to contribute, sometimes seeking additional support and/or accommodations is appropriate and beneficial. As a team, you can support your team member by encouraging them to consider the various support services available at Royal Roads.

And remember, your Instructors and your Program Office also play key roles in supporting your team's success.  Consult with your individual Instructor(s) and Program Staff for additional action steps and guidance.


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