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Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone's hand is the beginning of a journey.
At other times, it is allowing another to take yours.
Vera Nazarian

From experience, the team portion of the RRU experience is overwhelmingly a very positive one. The majority of team members work well together and many become lifelong friends; however, sometimes challenges may be encountered along the way.   

 Challenges within teams requires teams to apply their learning, and make every reasonable effort to resolve team issues within the team.

However, if there are factors leading to inefficiency in teamwork we can seek support from the Team Coach, Instructor(s) and the Program Office.

 Examples of performance challenges include:

  •  Writing challenges that the team is not able to support on an ongoing basis
  • Repeated mistakes or lapses in understanding course outlines and Instructor guidelines/expectations
  • Unclear guidelines for team roles and responsibilities
  • Attendance/participation in class or out
  • Missed external deadlines
  • Quality of academic work

 Examples of behavioral issues include: 

  •  Late or lack of response to team communication
  • Missed internal deadlines
  • Breakdowns in trust 
  • Interpersonal conflict
  • Participation
  • Lack of accountability

 If teams encounter issues related to writing and/or comprehension, take the following steps:

  • The Team Coach can provide guidance for the team to capitalize on the strengths of the various team members.
  • Students with weak writing and/or reading comprehension can seek support from the Writing Center and English Language Support Center.
  • Consult with the instructor for additional action steps and guidance.

There is a process:  Working Through Team Challenges... and the first step is to call your Team Coach, they are here to help!

There are additional support services available at RRU - please see information below. 


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