Who are we as a team?

Students in A Team

Who am I on a team? > Who are we as a team? > How will we work together? > How will we communicate?

Organizations, communities, universities: it's a proven fact that teams get things done. Teamwork is the means to leverage team members' individual strengths and learn from one another.

 START your team journey with these steps:

1. Share information about yourself - strengths, areas of potential growth, past team experiences

2. Listen and learn about your team mates. This is the beginning of strong relationships - the foundation of team health. This is true for online teams as well. 

3. Identify your team values. You can begin with individual values then decide on those that you want to use for team values. 

4. Discuss vision and goals - what do you want this team to achieve?

 A shared vision is not an idea; it is rather a force in people's hearts. At its simpliest, a shared vision is the answer to the question: 'What do we want to create?' ~ Peter Senge