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As you work within your team, consider the interconnectedness of your team work, education, life and career.

Teamwork and collaboration is a core competency that is required by employers and within higher education. High performance team-based learning is a key component of Royal Roads University's Learning and Teaching Model and working in teams is a key component of programs' curriculum.

High performance teamwork is dedicated to preparing you to understand and describe key competencies you are developing within teams in preparation for your education, life, and career. High performance teamwork prepares you to be impactful and successful in diverse team environments during your studies at Royal Roads University and within the community.

Royal Roads University integrates collaboration and teamwork as core competencies to be developed to prepare students for both life and career transition.

Student and Team Development:

  • Develop self-awareness of team members
  • Establish an understanding of group dynamics and diversity; respectful of different cultures and values
  • Identify individual contributions to team, such as leadership style, values and strengths
  • Create and enforce a team agreement that consists of a shared goal, aims and values that guide individual and team collaboration
  • Understand and create a team agreement of roles and responsibilities and how each will be fulfilled
  • Demonstrate the ability to give, receive and integrate feedback
  • Demonstrate the ability to proactively use check-ins to measure success
  • Implement time for revisions, to ensure common purpose and goal is achieved
  • Celebrate and reflect on collective experiences that showcase contributions, achievements and challenges
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