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Team Charters, Code of Conducts, and Team Agreements are all similar terms for taking the time to ensure your team has had the important conversations that lead to a commitment of how you will operate together.  Team agreements continue to emerge as an important foundational piece of team development, collaboration and consolidation. In determining  how your team will function, you should consider establishing:

  • A clear direction, as a team, prior to taking action(forming)
  • A process for acknowledging and addressing conflict (storming)
  • A balanced focus of compassion and accountability (norming)
  • A plan for the maintenance of both independence and interdependence (norming)
  • A vision of results (performing)

Learning to work with others is an essential skill that creates the opportunity for the emergence of healthy relationships. The creation and implementation of Team Agreements allows for a valuable emergent learning process.

View below templates on Team Agreements, Tuckman's Theory and Overview on Working in Teams.

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