How do we stay organized?

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We launched our team assignment. Now we need to stay organized to generate the best results. Here's how: 

  • Discuss our individual schedules to develop a team schedule and work plan. Make sure we cross reference with other course assignments and personal commitments. One useful tool is to create a Gantt chart

Click here for a Team Planning Process example. 

For a useful tool, please see the SUIT Framework below. 

Here are 3 useful tips:

Tip #1

Teamwork is about learning and working together, so stop competing with each to have the "best" idea.  Your team is successful when it works together rather than competing against each other. 

Tip #2

Teamwork starts with individual work.  Each person on the team should have an opportunity to share their thoughts, ideas, and suggestions for the project before the team starts narrowing down their options.

Tip #3

Set team norms for making decisions and live by them.  If you're going to change your norms, then everyone must agree and sign off on the changes.  Given the fast pace of classes at Royal Roads University, we suggest a couple default norms, at least to get you started.

  • Silence is acceptance.  By saying nothing, you are agreeing to the team's decisions.
  • Show up on time and prepared for team meetings.
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