How do we get started?

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How do we get started? > How do we stay organized? > How do we write with one voice?  > How do we bring it all together?

Failing to plan is planning to fail. - Benjamin Frankin

Assignments provide us with an opportunity to highlight some of the information we have learned, and demonstrate our ability to organize, sort, and make sense of that information.   This is also true for team assignments.  It's a chance for our team to help our instructor see how we process information and what we have learned through that process. 

Click here for a Team Planning Process example. 

Tip: Start your teamwork early in the term. Team assignments takes time, often more time than individual assignments. This means sitting down, reading over assignment requirements, checking deliverable dates, and planning your process.

* Consider using the assignment calculator tool on the RRU Library website.

Let's LAUNCH our team assignment:

  •  Make sure we have a Team Agreement that includes clear expectations, agreed behaviours and consequences for missed expectations/deadlines  
  •  Confirm that everyone on the team has a shared understanding of the team assignment, that is, we know what we are supposed to do to meet the  deliverables. If we are not sure, ask the Instructor. 
  •  Identify the specific information we need and the research requirements
  •  Define the roles and responsibilities of each person on our team