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The purpose of high performance team work is to help you understand and describe key competencies you are developing in preparation for life, learning and career. Teamwork and collaboration is a primary outcome across countries, associations, employers and within higher education.

These are Royal Road's five core competencies of teamwork:

 1. Personal Awareness

  • Identify individual contributions to team, exploring leadership, values, strengths and interests
  • Identify and plan individual goals for work to be accomplished together
  • Identify own personality style using personality inventory tools
  • Share and discuss personality and character strengths from personality inventory results with team

 2. Working with others

  • Consider diverse, cross-cultural perspectives and working styles
  • Identify and discuss individual strengths and contributions to team
  • Create an outline of roles and responsibilities and how each will be fulfilled
  • Develop a team agreement that states collective team and individual expectations, behaviour and conduct, team agreements, roles and responsibilities
  • Work effectively with different personalities across a variety of social and professional situations
  • Use Team Assignment Plan (TAP) for team planning and process

3. Inclusive Communication

  • Establish preferred online communication platform for open and consistent communication
  • Practice inclusive communication between all team members, including mutual inquiry, effective questioning, reflective and active listening
  • Show commitment to the team's purpose and goals
  • Establish and follow timeline for work to be completed independently and together as a team

 4. Problem-solving and Conflict Resolution

  • Accept and provide feedback in a constructive and considerate way
  • Schedule time for revisions and complete prior to submission of assignment
  • Attend reflective check-in meetings with team coach

 5. Reflection and Feedforward

  • Recognize the role of conflict when appropriate
  • Apply problem solving and conflict resolution skills to improve team process
  • Individually complete ITP Conflict Management Style and share in team
  • Approach conflict directly, tactfully and ethically
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